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The experts at Zap It! Pressure Washing are proud to provide all-star power washing and exterior cleaning services to clients throughout North and South Carolina. Based in Charlotte, our pressure washing company helps to improve curb appeal for residential and commercial clients in our service areas. Those black streaks on your siding or roof are much more than simple dirt. They can be foreign contaminants such as mold or mildew, living and growing on your property’s exterior. By regularly cleaning your building’s exterior and concrete surfaces, you maintain your structure’s integrity and curb appeal. Let our Charlotte pressure washing professionals help!

Experienced Charlotte Pressure Washing Specialists Serving Residential and Commercial Clients in South & North Carolina

Expert Washing For All Surfaces

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Every surface is different. While some Charlotte pressure washing companies only use high pressure cleaning, more delicate materials such as wood siding or asphalt shingle roofing would be damaged by intense pressure. Our Charlotte roof cleaning and pressure washing experts know the proper balance of environmentally-friendly chemicals and pressure levels to ensure your property is thoroughly cleaned while protecting the integrity of your surfaces.

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Professional Pressure Washing in Charlotte, NC

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If not properly maintained, building exteriors, driveways, walkways, and common areas can fade and grow dark or gray. Our professional pressure washing contractors in Charlotte, NC can revitalize your home or business’s surfaces to glow like new once more. Contact us today for a pressure washing consultation and we can make sure your property looks its very best.

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The Proper Cleaning Method For Each Application

The majority of our residential work calls for a mild spray and low pressure cleaning for a proper deep cleaning. In commercial and industrial settings, we use more intense pressure, 200 degree hot water, and commercial degreasers to get the job done. By creating a custom recipe for each cleaning project, we maximize our cleaning abilities while minimizing waste. This allows us to offer our superior exterior cleaning services at competitive prices.

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