Our residential, commercial, and multi-unit pressure washing services are backed by near 20 years of extensive hands-on experience and customer service excellence. We are the best in Charlotte, North Carolina and surrounding areas! Contact us today to discuss your next pressure washing project.

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A Charlotte NC based Residential, Commercial & Multi-Unit Pressure Washing Company

Feel great about getting your home or business spruced up! Zap It Wash technicians are experienced and know their stuff.
2+2=4. See, piece of cake.

Don't pay an arm and a leg when you don't have too. But don't go too cheap either and have to do it twice. We stay current with market pricing and are competitive in our field.
We've got you covered.

Feel good about who you let onto your property. Our technicians are trained, background checked, smile a lot,
and can bowl at least a 120.

We understand that you want your property cleaned up as soon as possible. That's why our turn around time is never more than a few days and we often can get to your property the very next day.
How about those apples.

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About Zap It Wash

Zap It Wash is a locally owned and operated Charlotte NC pressure washing company. We have been pressure washing everything from residential homes, commercial buildings and sidewalks to multi-unit properties for near 20 years. As always our work is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. JUST CALL ZAP IT.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we do not offer gutter cleanout services.

No, we are unable to remove any oil staining from concrete or asphalt surfaces.

We can lightly rinse off your patio furniture with our House Washing service if asked. However, it is only a light rinse with water nothing more. We cannot clean moldy cushion fabric, umbrella fabric, etc.

Yes, we will clean only 1 side of your house. The cost for this is generally billed at our minimum job charge.

No, we are unable to clean inside your garage. Our process is designed for exterior surfaces only.

The exterior of your windows are soaped and rinsed thoroughly during our House Washing service. However, we do not squeegee any windows or dry them by hand.

Typically, no we cannot remove these stains only lighten them at best. The orange soil here binds on concrete, foundation brick as well as typical house surfaces such as window sills, trim, and even siding in new construction areas and almost never comes off completely.

Yes, our company is fully licensed and insured and happy to send you a COI upon request.

Pricing for pressure washing your home can depend on numerous criteria. But usually yes we can give you a quote right over the phone! If a more detailed quote is required we can have you it emailed to you within 1 hour.

Our safe, low-pressure house washing system is ideal for all types of surfaces. The process includes a double application of our proprietary biodegradable cleaners that remove all contaminants from the structure and inhibits future buildup. This also includes a selective soft bristled brush scrub and our double fresh water rinse.

Our products are environmentally-safe and time tested.

While we do carry some water in our tanks we will need to access your water spigot when we arrive to complete the service. We use much less water than you think, and our water use will not affect your water bill.

If you have furniture on your porches/patios/decks we ask you to move it out of the work area. If we move things off these areas we will not move them back. We will leave them in the yard when we have finished for the area to dry out. Please move vehicles away from the home and out of the work area.

Door mats and flower pots often leave discolorations on your concrete porches & patios that will not clean out completely.

Pressure washing does not remove vines or the vine roots on your home regardless of the siding type.

We will never put holes in your siding while cleaning. If you see a hole(s) in your siding, it was there already you just didn't notice it before (hail storms, weed eating, etc. can cause this)

Red clay staining on your house foundation and/or concrete areas (porches, driveways, sidewalks, patios) will often not always come out completely. Red clay is the dominant soil type in the Carolinas, and is made up primarily of Iron Oxide, which seeps deeply into the pores.

As long as your doors and windows are shut no you do not need to be home. At least half of our residential house washes are when nobody is at home.

If no one is going to be home when we book the appointment we will get your credit card number to reserve the service. We will run the card the following day following the service. That gives you time to get home to make sure everything looks great.

If someone will be home we will accept credit card, check, or cash upon completion. We do not send an invoice.

Zap It Wash Service Areas
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