Are you tired of coming home to a dirty driveway? Charlotte is full of concrete driveways and many are covered in mold, algae, and orange clay. This can even become a walking hazard after a hard rainstorm. Zap It Wash will deep clean your driveway to a pristine condition.  Overall, driveway cleaning is inexpensive and really adds to curb appeal. It should be added by homeowners as to-do property maintenance task every few years or so.

*Driveway Cleaning is priced on a square footage basis*

Our Charlotte driveway cleaning involves the application of a concrete cleaner which dwells to loosen all dirt and contaminants, followed by a surface cleaner run-over. Our professional cleaning process does not leave striping marks that you may see from weekend do-it-yourselves without the right equipment or knowledge of the trade. Call the team at Zap It Wash!


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