Porch Pressure Washing Charlotte NC

Practically every home in Charlotte & surrounding areas has a porch and patio on the home. Most of these areas are concrete with wood or vinyl railings and columns. These are great for entertaining and just general relaxation. Zap It Wash cleans many patios every year for our clients. Patios and porches often hold water and dirt making them a hot-bed for mold and mildew growth. We can clean them to like-new condition.

Porch & Patio pricing starting at ($149)

Patio Pressure Washing Charlotte NC

There is no need to go through an entire spring, summer, and fall with a dirty patio and porch when you can enjoy a clean, dirt free area for an affordable price. We have the best porch and patio cleaners the industry has to offer resulting in premium cleaning results. Our experience cleaning both porches and patios is extensive and will remove all mold, mildew, spider webbing and more making the area feel so much better. Contact us today for an estimate!

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