Zap It Wash, a top-rated Charlotte pressure washing company can clean your vinyl sided home with our low-pressure cleaning methods and specialized detergents to remove all mold, mildew, algae, and organic staining on your exterior vinyl siding and trim. In the hot and humid southern weather, it doesn’t take long for vinyl siding to get dirty.

*We have a flat-rate pricing scale for our vinyl siding House Washes based on size of home*

Zap It Wash has over 15 years of experience cleaning vinyl siding on a range of homes from smaller 1 story homes to larger 3 story homes. The proper pressure washing service will leave your vinyl sided home clean and beautiful. We will use an assortment of low pressure nozzles and high water volume pumps to accomplish these results. We start our cleaning at the gutter line and work down to the foundation line – 100% of the homes exterior. Every inch of your house is both soaped and double-rinsed. And best of all, we will not harm your siding in any way. Give us a call today!


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